Hi everyone,

My name is Miguel, founder of RunWay to Style Freaks. Fashion is my hobby! I believe every fashion house has a unique DNA injected in their collections that sets them apart from other brands. Take for example Diane Von Furstenberg's wrap dress, which she is known for creating so beautifully, to Alexander McQueen’s mystical haute couture drama. Those tiny details they, and others present, is what fashion is all about. The inspirational thoughts that designers take to create a collection season after season are what one lives everyday to admire. This is why I decided to create a blog where I could express my love about fashion - brands, products, news, runway shows, lifestyle, and much more.

I decided to call this blog RunWay to Style Freaks, because besides being a guy who takes the runway as the source of inspiration for his personal style outfits, I happen to live in the most restrained region - the South. I feel as most people view me as a freak when I began to talk about designers, trends, and men's and women's fashion in general. Yes, I may too be very intrigued by women's fashion, which is an art that should be appreciated by everyone.

I don't know if maybe it's the fact that it scares people in the South that I happen to be very informed about this certain area - especially the ones who think they know it all. Some mock fashion, which in my perspective is only the pure thoughts of being scared to explore their personal style. I've learned to stop being afraid of what people have to say about one's style. If I'm a freak, then so be it. And as my blog implies, take what you learn from the runway to convert yourself into the style freak others may say you are. Show it off!

I hope you enjoy this blog.

Founder of RunWay to Style Freaks

 Personal Thoughts: "Remember, fashion doesn’t have to be expensive, because inspiration is all it takes to become fashionable."

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