Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Raf Simons' Floral Prints are Masculine

Raf Simons Floral Prints Capsule Collection for Mr Porter
Raf Simons' floral prints may take some time to incorporate into men's wardrobe.

What is wrong with a man wearing a floral print shirt? Only that he has the confidence enough to pull it off.  And that's what fashion has been all this time in menswear. This season, it was Mr. Simons turn to design a 13-piece capsule collection that will only be sold exclusively at online luxury men's retailer, Mr Porter. The collection consists of shirts, t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, high-top sneakers, and a bomber jacket, all of which are designed in vivid floral prints any men could actually wear. 

What I alway admire about Mr. Simons interpretation on menswear is that he always knows just how much to exceed and keep minimal. He seems to have a limit as to wear he'll cross the boundary, something that has gained him some more followers in men's fashion. Any type of feminine prints may be a subject of worry for other men, but Mr Porter knows exactly who they're selling too - the stylish and confident man who knows who he really is. As a customer, I particularly would be interested in purchasing a t-shirt or white button-down floral shirt to include into my special collection of designer pieces. One thing for sure is let the prints do most of the work and tone it down with neutral (black) shorts or trousers and cool shoes as Mr. Simons would have in mind - minimal. 

Yes, it may take time for most men to shift into this new type of era. Pink became a color most men got comfortable wearing over the years. But Raf Simons may become the greatest designer he is already, in giving men the confidence to pull of these floral print numbers. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Links a la Mode #3: Once More


Blast From the Past

Ever since the cave people started wearing loin cloths and furs, we humans have had fashion history. This week's roundup delves into the past and how it has inspired our future. From the swinging 60's impact on sunglasses, to a look at Eurovision's pop music style evolution. For those of us who can't get to the MET one blogger shares her experience and for those of us who haven't yet seen the Great Gatsby, we have a look into Gatsby style in the mix there as well. So get your cup of tea, reflect on years gone by and check out these links!

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Carine Roitfeld and Amanda Seyfried Model for Givenchy Fall 2013 Campaign

Amanda Seyfried appears all high-end model in Givenchy's Fall 2013 Campaign
Amanda Seyfried appears all high-end model in Givenchy's Fall 2013 Campaign.

Carine Roitfeld has practically become part of the Givenchy family, or more like a mother to the brand. Riccardo Tisci has always had a huge talent as the head designer for Givenchy, portraying that tough high-end semi-gothic look he's seen in the brand. This is why many of his special clients and celebrities like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Rooney Mara, Amanday Seyfried, and much more have been a big supporter of the brand. 

Wearing a Givenchy item is like gaining confidence in who you are. There is something in it that makes you feel special, fashionable, and people questioning you, "Where did you that cool shirt?" "Oh, thanks, it's Givenchy," which sounds so much better when you say it in a tough french accent. Say it!

For it's Fall 2013 campaign, Carine Roitfeld (french accent) collaborated once more in styling Riccardo's collection, and being responsible for showing off a very different Amanda Seyfried. Doesn't she look all high-end model? I thought her physical edginess fit perfectly for this brand. She's already the model for one of Givenchy's perfume ad where she appears much more like an actress compared to this campaign. I personally think other models may have found another competition for a brand, because Amanda is really selling it here. Maybe, mama Carine was responsible for the magic shot as well. 

Carine Roitfeld (left), and her daughter Julia-Restoin Roitfeld (right) in Givenchy's Fall 2013 Campaign.
Carine Roitfeld (left), and her daughter Julia-Restoin Roitfeld (right) in Givenchy's Fall 2013 Campaign.

Also, not only did Madame Roitfeld style the campaign, she was also photographed for the campaign. Fair and square I would declare. Why not just help for the photoshoot, but be in it? Oh, and with her daughter too, Julia-Restoin Roitfeld. They both looked stunning in the campaign. A total perfect image of what a Givenchy lady looks like. It may be true, French women know how to work it better.

Fashion Note: If you're not familiar with Carine Roitfeld, which you should, she was once the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris from 2001 to 2011. She later resigned from her position due to some special projects she had in mind. In 2012 she became the founder and  editor-in-chief of her famous seasonal magazine, CR Fashion Magazine. She is also very well known for being an editor with a unique taste of style.

Gap Men's Colored Slim Khaki's Are Worth a Try

Gap men's colored slim khakis

Spring is the time when you get to dress in more colorful outfits - not that you can't in the winter - but, more people are open to do this in the spring/summer time. Lately, I've been trying to search for a good pair of pants that won't break the bank. I was debating whether to purchase or not a pair of Gucci mustard colored pants, which retailed at $740. Not too expensive for a pair of pants, huh? I was just fascinated by the choice of colored trousers in Gucci's Spring 2013 menswear collection. The colors for me happen to be so vivid yet masculine.

I've owned a pair of men's Express chinos - various neutral colors - which I still happen to love for its slim fit and lengthening effect that I feel makes me look taller. The colors are fresh, and the pants are nice, but the Express man is more of a urban city guy who tends to keep his patterns and colors toned down. I wanted something more vivid. I am also a fan of H&M's pants, but I am the type of person who likes to experiment with different brands. I was seeking for something fresh in my closet.

I had been hearing great reviews by recent customers who had visited the Gap store at a near mall where I live. I decided to take a quick visit to the store and see what they had available. I was impressed by the various menswear colored pants (khakis) Gap had available in their store. I decided to try on a pair and was very amazed by how well they fit. The colors were the type of hues I was seeking forth in. Also, the fit felt slim-relaxed, which I refer to being comfortable, lengthening, fresh, and slim, not tight. I personally liked the pants, and I purchased it. 

I also went online to see if they had more colors available. And guess what? They happened to have a sort of similar pair of mustard khakis, but in canary yellow, as they named it. There are various colors of them available online. Immediately as I saw it, I came up with an outfit I could pair these pants with. What I love about Gap's pants is that you can go any way you want to - dress, casual, or semi-formal - for any necessary occasion. Put on a nice a blazer, jacket, or layering shirt, paired with any accessories, and your outfit is done and clean.

Gap men's colored pants - outfit collage
Gap mustard colored khakis // Levi's vest // Gucci horsebit white loafers // Luis Morais bracelet // Gucci sunglasses // Anderson's leather belt

In conclusion, I am not a regular Gap customer, but I also happen to like their assortment of shirts and polos, besides their khakis. I thought it was very casual and pleasing for the young and average male customer.  I might as well return soon to see what else I can get inspired by.

Are you a regular customer at Gap?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dior's Cruise 2014 Sensual Freedom

Raf Simons seems to really be making a dramatic triumph at Christian Dior. His couture collections have been selling like pancakes – take in mind one couture dress can cost you more than $80,000 – and his two most recent ready-to-wear collections have been another huge success. I believe most of this had to do with his decision to reinvent the House of Dior by taking Monsieur Christian Dior’s past work and interpreting it in today’s modern world. John Galliano did a great job with his Edwardian inspired looks Christian Dior himself was very fond of in his designs. But in today’s society, everyone moves fast, leaving the past as a simple memory. We want to be shocked. And this is exactly what Raf Simons is doing – taking the past to a whole new era of minimalistic beauty, and surprising us each season with more designs we don’t know if we should rewind or forward.

Simons’ talent is no doubt a designer with special attributes. There are only few designers in history who have changed the phase of a brand. Tom Ford became a well-respected designer for making Gucci into an international luxury beast anyone wants a piece of today. I picture Raf Simons molding Dior into a much larger empire than it already is now. There are people who criticize the new Dior as dead and ugly. And that is the point Simons seems to pull us in to. Analyze something thoroughly before giving your humble opinion.

Dior Cruise 2014 - Sheer Dresses - Runway to Style Freaks Fashion Blog

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cannes 2013: The Celebrities That Left a Historic Triumph

There are only a few celebrities that leave a remarkable fashion moment any woman would dream of wearing so perfectly. As you may know, the Cannes 2013 Festival began yesterday with an abundance of celebrities arriving at this prestigious event. This one week events are always worth more than any other red carpet or interview, because fashion gives an extreme welcome to the stars. Only here is where you'll see most of your favorite celebrities dressed to impress in the most recent designer collections right of the runway.

There are some that leave a well remarked impression, but there are others that leave a legendary fashion moment. It has been one day since the events have begun, and I already have two of my favorite actresses as one the best celebrities to execute such a prestigious gala with perfection. Those women are Nicole Kidman and Carey Mulligan. 

Nicole Kidman at the Cannes 2013 Festival event in Dior, Alexander McQueen, and Dior Couture.
Nicole Kidman at the Cannes 2013 Festival event in Dior, Alexander McQueen, and Dior Couture.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chanel Cruise 2014: Punk and Pearls

Chanel Cruise 2014 Collection
Chanel's Cruise 2014 collection had a little bit for everyone - punk and pearls.

Karl Lagerfeld presented this week Chanel's cruise 2014 collection in Singapore; what a trip. This is what most cruise shows are all about - creating a laid-back, and comfortable collection most clients can connect to for their summer vacation looks. When it comes to Chanel's show, such as this one, clothes may appear relaxed, but details are what execute a perfect cruise collection fit for a luxury customer. It is no doubt that Chanel is the best of the best in turning something simple into the most detailed and luxurious garment you've ever seen.

Chanel Cruise 2014 Collection
Chanel's Cruise 2014 wide-leg trousers were one of the best made trousers.

There were quite a variety of punk elements mixed into this collection - faux hawks, chokers, eyeliners, latex, leather gloves - that brought me a curiosity as if Mr. Lagerfeld still had some inspiration left from the recent Met Gala's Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition. And while punk seemed to be the "it" accessories, pearls came in the way as well - almost bathed in them. Who would've though pearls and punk faux hawks would look so good? Chanel demonstrated just how hot pearls can get along with any personality so well it could become the next must have accessory for any woman.

Besides the semi punk theme look, Lagerfeld emphasized other aspects of its founder Coco Chanel some wouldn't think of. Modern interpretations of Chanel's wide-leg trousers - crisp white, cream, and denim - brought the rebellious side of Coco from the 20s paired with oversize t-shirts - created luxuriously well compared to your so thought gangster shirt. Tweed jackets were not surprisingly another main iconic piece, which were upgraded. All these elements made the plot of the sailor story more enjoyable.

Chanel Cruise 2014 Collection
Lace and knitwear were very pleasing at Chanel's Cruise 2014 collection.

What was surprising here, were Karl's lace numbers - fresh, young, and full of life. I never think of Chanel as a lace type of brand, but these were one good selection of treasures that are sure to sell out. It's crochet pieces were another to take a closer look at. One to have died for was the short knitted dress - in leather? colors - that would look great for your beachwear attire.

Overall, it is only Karl Lagerfeld who can make an 80 piece collection seem non-boring. In fact, you'd wish there were more pieces available together with the rest of the collection ready to be bought fresh out of the runway. He always manages to keep the flow of the brand with just a little twist here and there without hesitation. And we (I) love him for that.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Let The Skirt Do The Talking

Dolce and Gabbana $13,000 mini skirt
This Dolce & Gabbana crystal-embellished mini skirt can do all the talking you want it create. More than gossip, it speaks money.

Many of us are often out there on the hunt for the best deals in fashion, whether it be online or in stores. Some people can get desperate and rather purchase it at full retail price with the fear of not being able to get what they wanted in the future. The question is how much are we willing to wait to be the first to catch that amazing item we know we could have waited for a little bit more? 

I have always been a believer that what's meant to be yours will wait for your all season (or year) long no matter what. If those shoes you were dying to get were gone, chances are they weren't meant for you. Sorry, maybe you'll have luck with something else next time. 

Getting a real luxury designer item is like the stock market - you've got to choose right and risk it to look good. When I describe real luxury I am not referring to a $4,000 Gucci dress, but to those average types of garments (not dresses) that can be worth about half of your college tuition - for example, the original retail price of the $13,760 Dolce & Gabbana mini skirt above. It can be shocking just how much the value of a skirt can rise. I often ask myself, I know details are what drives the value of something so high, but are their really people out there who would do anything to purchase such a beautiful skirt which we know you'd probably wear it only once? Maybe the answer is yes, the richest people who don't have a problem with this type of prices.

Most retail have mega sales each season to stock up their next season orders. I had already seen the price of this particular skirt before, but when I came across the online retailer The Outnet, who offer great savings, I came across the skirt again. And guess what, it was on sale for 75% off. Even though the percent was cut off quite high, its price - $3,440 - could seem like a mega deal, or not, to those who like to collect treasures as I always like to say. 

One thing I would like to point out is that this specific skirt comes from Dolce & Gabbana's Spring 2012 collection. I was left with the curiosity to know how long had this item been online that it was drop severely in my opinion? Who would've thought you could steal get a deal after a year old collection? 

There was also recently this buzz going around about Dolce & Gabbana selling one of it's Fall 2013 collection dresses at $49,000. It had been stated they would sell six of them to the online luxury retailer Net-a-Porter, who are very confident all of dresses will sell out, meaning that hopefully there won't be any sale as the iconic skirt. We'll have to wait and see if confidence beats the price. 

Oh, and if your planning to get the skirt, don't overdress it, just let the skirt do the talking. You know it will. 

Would you purchase the skirt at it's sale price knowing what the price of the skirt was originally?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Met Gala 2013 Red Carpet: The Couture Punks

Met Gala 2013 Red Carpet Review
Ken Downing of Neiman Marcus (left) and Linda Fargo of Bergdorf Goodman (right) at the Met Gala 2013 event //
Nicole Richie in custom Topshop at Met Gala 2013 red carpet event

Many of you may already know the Met Gala is one of the biggest events of the year concerning what fashion is all about. This year's theme exhibition was all about punk. Punk: Chaos to Couture is a celebration of the decades in the fashion world. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Camouflage Trend Valentino Began

From top to bottom: Valentino camouflage leather slip-on sneakers ($720) // Valentino suede studded sneakers ($795)

Many menswear designers have brought back the military trend on the map, but more than design, it is a specific print that has made a huge hit this spring for men’s fashion……………the camouflage print. And one brand in particular that has made this print the must have of the season is the fashion powerhouse, Valentino

I would be shocked if records would show that Valentino's spring 2013 collection has not done well in its accessories unit, because I’ve lost the count of how many times I’ve seen the studded colored heels or camouflage sneakers on various streetstyle blog. They’ve become a big sensation in the fashion world for every fashion freak. Basically, if you don’t have any of these pairs already then you must……….I don’t know.

A big trend I’ve seen specifically with these men’s Valentino sneakers has been with suits. There is something about these sneakers that makes them unique. It may be because of the colored suede and mesh details, and the studs at the back, which upgrade them from your average pair of Nike sneakers? The sole fact here is if you’re willing to pay around $795 for a simple pair of sneakers? I find them trending, but with the price retail I may have to consider it, as for I’m not much of a sneaker fan after all. 

What do you think about these sneakers?