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Fashion Review | Versace's Fall 2013 Vunk Theme

Versace Fall 2013 Vunk Theme

Vunk! This will become the new word of the fashion dictionary – punk style mixed with the sex symbol of Versace. 

Versace literally nailed it this season. The manner of turning punk into something vunk was beyond perfection.  All items – mink skirts, tight fitted vinyl pants, and nail dresses – were convincing enough for any women who loves to take risks. There were elements of Gianni’s past work except they were modernized for today’s glamour chicks. It seemed Donatella wanted to be original…….and she was. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

MFW Review | Gucci Fall 2013 - Dangerous Women

Gucci Fall 2013 - Dangerous Women - 40s silhouettes

What does a dangerous woman look like in Gucci? For fall, Giannini took advantage of her femme fatale and converted her into the dark, guarded, and sexual assassin. The introduction of the first model wearing an appliqué ensemble – paired with mesh leggings, leather gloves, and booties – provided a mysterious, but in a certain way, sensual mood. The use of rounded shoulders on most jackets gave that special touch the “dangerous woman” would port.

I was intrigued by the fact Gianni focused on new concepts for the brand – in a very Gucci manner. She’s become so strong in what she does that when describing something in this collection I can’t help but use the term Gucci to reference to what I’m saying.

Gianni was feeling for dark bolder colors – a decision I thought was perfectly made. This time, she decided to shift around her beloved 70s era, and move into a more constrained (not really) 40s theme. Suits reminded me of those Dior was famous for – narrowing of the waist and wider hips. Dresses – such as a cyan colored one in a bateau neckline – kept the consistency of the element. There were not copies of Dior, for Giannini made sure her designs appeared more explicit than usual.

Gucci Fall 2013 - Dangerous Women - Python and Houndstooth

Python – applied on suits, dresses, and skirts – heated up the catwalk in a very sexual behavior. A shiny python, peplum skirtsuit deeply sliced in mesh was hands down one of the best suits for a woman.

Interpretations of houndstooth in glittery shades and colors provided a unique element to the collection. The form in which she layered one suit with a metallic python turtleneck reminded me of aspects a dangerous woman must have – thick skin to fulfill her needs.

As stated, several silhouettes resembling that of the late 40s may have seemed too covered for the Gucci woman; maybe because they weren’t as body fitted. Well, Gianni shut me up when evening dresses were introduced.

Gucci Fall 2013 - Dangerous Women - Evening dresses

Dresses were beyond dangerous; so Gucci I would state. The use of mesh in these looks – detailed in patterns with sequins, feathers, and silk fringe – were striking beautiful. Silk was superbly shiny and screamed luxury.

By the way, if you ever want to go for an innovative jumpsuit, look no further – Gucci has one for you.

Photos: Style.com

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stripes and Cardigans - What Every Men is Seeking For

As you know, spring is just around the corner. Since next week is the last week of February, I thought why not post a pre-spring collage. Stripes have always been my best friend when it comes to t-shirts. I don’t know why, but I feel a t-shirt should be youthful, cool, and stylish. Yes, a plain t-shirt can be stylish too; I still prefer color in my shirts (designs/prints).

I always say there is no excuse for trying to look your best – creativity is the key ingredient. As you can see, I did my best to lower the prices on most of these outfits. I usually stick to retailers, such as Zara and H&M, when it comes to fair prices. H&M does great when it comes to the most recent fashion trends.

Style Tip: Take a t-shirt, such as the one above, and pair it with a cardigan. A cardigan can do wonders to your outfit; this could be a great investment to think about. They can be worn both formal and casual. You could even layer a navy blazer over it if you’d like to.
There are so many ways you could shift around with these outfits above.

Do you have any other ideas to share?

Shop the Looks Above:

1. Lacoste Sneakers (similar here)2. H&M Jeans (here)3. Ray-Ban Aviators (here)4. H&M Striped Shirt (here)5. J.Crew socks (similar here)6. H&M Cardigan (here)7. Timex x J.Crew Watch (here)8. Gant Fedora Hat (similar here)9. A.P.C. Belt (similar here)

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Fall 2013 Review | Christopher Kane Exceeds at London Fashion Week

Christopher Kane Fall 2013 - A collection worth an investment for PPR

Christopher Kane recently got his label to be under billionaire PPR shareholder, François-Henri Pinault, one of the major shareholders for Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, and others. It was lovely to have seen Donatella Versace, former boss of Kane under Versus label, sitting front row besides Anna Wintour. I was curious to know what may have been her thoughts on Kane’s resignation. When I saw a glimpse of Donatella, I felt no resentment, but someone proud of Kane’s designs. I, as well, would be proud of him with this presentation.

If Mr. Pinault wanted to see new creativity, he got it – and more than the required. His Scottish heritage was injected into kilts – sexier in camouflage. I was fascinated by how he used the hip belts on the kilts to become part of a closure on those boxy navy coats. 

Dresses were bombarded with one of the most intricate sexy creativities ever. 

The manner in which he managed to oversize the loops in between the velvet pieces – making it appear as if they were to come apart – was what I defined as fashion – an innovate trendsetter. 

Christopher Kane Fall 2013 - A collection worth an investment for PPR

Lace exceeded my expectations coming from Kane. I was not expecting to be shocked by something so beautiful. The swirls – resembling a butterfly effect – were fascinating. Other sexy party dresses in embroidered tulle numbers were a big win for Kane. I would never have thought of how much you could perform with tulle. Other vibrant embroidered pieces were beyond normal.

If there is something you should know about Kane though – it would be his use of whimsical prints. By whimsical I don’t refer to them as a bad taste, because I would be deceiving myself. His brain-activity scans that went down the runway were entertaining and full of brain power. 

For his first debut under PPR, Kane oozed confidence. He showed everyone just how much he’s worth an investment. 

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Links A La Mode

I would like to take a short moment to thank IFB for giving me the chance to be on the weekly round of Links a la Mode. This is a post, where out of several (thousands) of posts submitted by other bloggers, only 20 are chosen to be part of the weekly traffic. I state traffic, because it gives an opportunity for many to build new followers or interest. Thank you, again.

Enjoy the other posts submitted.

Love, Prints & Inspired StyleEdited By: Taylor Davies This week’s IFB Links a la Mode round up is a mish-mash of things that have me feeling very inspired on this Valentine’s Day. Some posts are about love and love stories (talk about fashionable couples!) some are all about amazing prints, and some are drawing inspration from cult classic films (Clueless!) and chic new exhibits in New York. Enjoy the round up and have a love-filled day! Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup: February 14th

  • Undercover Dress Up Lover: Snakes

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Fall 2013 Trends | Beanie Attitude

Fall 2013 Trends - Beanie Attitude

It doesn’t matter what you choose to wear it with – a beanie has shown to add a definite statement to your overall outfit. It may be a simple accessory, but after all, isn’t simplicity the hardest and most trendy statement?

Take for example the different looks worn above. A beanie doesn’t have to be for gangsters (like the south would portray). It’s creativity that counts, making you the star of what you choose.

Street Style Beanie Outfit

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fall 2013 Review | Oscar de la Renta and Galliano's Magic

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013 Galliano influence
Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013 Galliano influence

Oscar de la Renta impacted the fashion media last month with his shocking announcement of John Galliano residing at his studio for the weeks before his show. The big question – How much influence would John Galliano have in this collection?

 Apparently, many wondered the same question, as for when the day finally arrived, de la Renta’s website crashed. For some it took several minutes to access the online live stream. Others had to miss the show, but thankfully, the presentation was replayed several times.

I researched to see if de la Renta ever spoke about what Galliano worked on, but I never got any response. I had to judge the collection based on Galliano’s previous designs at Dior.

Was there any influence of Galliano’s work here?

There was a great amount of Galliano injected into this collection. Makeup and hair resembled a show we would catch if Galliano were still at Dior. The opening jackets had a special tailoring – draped with a bounce of hip augmentation. It reminded me of Mr. Dior’s famous bar silhouettes; those that made the waist smaller and provided those curvy hips. The only difference was those leather belts that reportedly took several days to achieve the desired effect. Cloche hats were classy and provided a nice touch to the overall outfits.

Capes made a presence at the runway that reminded me of Galliano’s last collection for Dior. A black wool dress with a sheer neckline was one of my favorites; luxurious and ladylike.

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013 eveningwear
Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013 eveningwear

If anything was de la Renta, I believe were the use of jacquard prints; simply beautiful. Eveningwear had Don Oscar’s signature after all. It felt at seconds like Dior, but then the structure called for vintage de la Renta.

The most striking ball gown dresses of the night were the final two gold embroidered ones; one in pink, and the other one mulberry Karlie Kloss wore. Cinderella may have some competition now.

Oscar de la Renta at his finale with models Karlie Kloss and Magdalena Frackowiak
Oscar de la Renta at his finale with models Karlie Kloss and Magdalena Frackowiak

Now, there was one thing I could state was the reason why the website crashed. We were all waiting for Galliano to make a presence at the finale. Sadly, it never happened.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fall 2013 Review | Tommy Hilfiger's Preppy Nerds

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2013 - Preppy Nerds

“From Savile Row to Harvard Yale, sartorial tradition meets all-American prep,” was Tommy Hilfiger’s brief narrative for his fall edition. Before judging his English tailoring techniques, he got saved by the bell when he included “all-American prep.” What does this mean?

Well, when you hear the words “Savile Row,” a street in Mayfair, central London immediately comes to mind. If you don’t know, this place is heaven for men seeking the perfect suit (bespoke tailoring in other words).

If you look closely, you’ll see the influence of Tommy’s preppy designs, but not much of refined tailoring. I am not trying to infer this was a horrible collection, because it wasn’t – it was all the opposite. The risk he took to engage in tailoring and convert into his cool preppy use was by far one of the best I have seen in his collections. It felt confident and grasped the trend that is happening right now in women’s fashion.

Patterns – Prince of Wales, houndstooth, and plaid checks were the main protagonist on the runway. They were either magnified or resized into smaller pieces to offer a more diverse outtake on outerwear. Some coats, such as the ones trimmed in shearling, were a favorite; preppy, youthful, and outgoing.Argyle (diamond patterns) also had a good insect on houndstooth pattern numbers. Suits, which came in navy and red pinstripes, marked Hilfiger’s point of interest.

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2013 - leather, cable knit dresses
Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2013 - leather, cable knit dresses

If patterns were cool, leather spoke Savile Row. The manner in which Tommy took his leather and converted it into an impeccable leather, cable knit dress was unlike anything I had seen before. It had a special effect I couldn’t get over. If anything, I would love to see Mr. Hilfiger incorporate more leather (in different techniques) from now on.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fall 2013 Review | Victoria's Beckham Lengthy Sensuality

Victoria Beckham Fall 2013 Lengthy Sensuality

I can’t believe it has been about five years since Victoria Beckham first launched her eponymous line. As a fashion addict I’ve only had an understanding of her label for about two years. When I first heard of her collection, I can’t deny I thought it was going to be one of those dull celebrity collections with no significance to the real world of fashion.

Dull is an unacceptable description to describe Victoria’s position today in fashion. Today, Victoria has shown she’s grown and matured with her collection as I’d state in fashionable terms. In other words, she has gained my respect, not as a celebrity, but as a true designer.

Sexy, skintight silhouettes are a ritual of Beckham’s presentations (no surprise). For fall, things were changed, as for there were some stunning surprises I wasn’t expecting.

Turtlenecks became her new sexiness embracement. Mandarin collared tops were deeply sliced for those women eager to show some skin. Other tops, dropped shoulder seams, added a special VB signature.

Length was a main factor on the runway, as for most dresses were dropped below the knee.  A decency that provoked sensuality.

Outerwear was by far one her best numbers in this collection. Who knew she would execute outerwear so well?  A checked tweed coat with an intense, blue leather bottom was perfect for next fall, providing that masculine trend so popular right now.  A black pony skin jacket with brown sleeves oozed confidence in Victoria’s designs.

Knitwear, such as a black turtleneck with a vibrant yellow triangle, were striking for there first introduction.

For evening, menswear inspired tuxedos became another new staple. I was quite intrigued as to how she turned her tuxedo into a cape-like form; a stand innovation.

Overall, makeup and hair portrayed convincingly the woman who seeks to wake up and look radiant on a demanding schedule; one Victoria knows very well how to manage.

Victoria Beckham at her Fall 2013 Collection

I have to confess, after this collection (no pressure VB), what else can you bring to the table now?  

For more reviews Click Here

Monday, February 11, 2013

Fall 2013 Review - Alexander Wang's Future Boxing Club

Alexander Wang Fall 2013 Boxing Streetstyle

Alexander Wang appeared ready to fight his for next important boxing round. If you haven’t read any news lately, he recently got appointed as new creative director of Balenciaga, which he’ll debut during PFW. For fall, dark chromatics colors of grays and black made presence again as part of Wang’s comfort zone. Texture has been a big win for Alexander Wang, possibly making him the adequate candidate to take over the Paris brand.

Coats were the star of the night. Interpretations of 20’s dropped waist numbers modernized Wang’s badass girls. Mohair, alpaca, and flannel covered heels illustrated Mr. Wang’s futuristic streetwear. Mohair was brushed to achieve a hairier texture that set him apart from other designers’ technical use of fabric. With coats, he oversized them, adding details and extra twists of fabrics around the midsection. The “idea of roundness and volume” in this collection showed off what Wang is capable of performing. The beanies ported down the runway were a favorite accessory of mine. These gave away the badass streetstyle attitude ready for a street boxing.

Alexander Wang Fall 2013 Boxing Streetstyle

Fur mittens resembled your future boxing gloves, which came perfect with the “Eye of the Tiger” intro runway. Leather appliqué jackets, constructed in a sort of Balenciaga mood, were one of my favorites. The texture and urban kick of tees were reinvented, fresh, and retro.

  For evening, pants were astonishingly tailored. The final white deep v-neck ensemble was not your typical chic eveningwear. Some doubts may begin to erase for the young designer.As the organized guy I am, I’ll be waking up on February 28 at 4:30 am to watch Alexander’s debut in Paris. I hope it’s worth the wake.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Battle Won at Prabal Gurung's Fall 2013 Collection

Prabal Gurung Fall 2013 Collection
Prabal Gurung Fall 2013 Embroidered Top

On Saturday noon, Prabal Gurung unveiled one of his best “regiment” military creations that declared victory to its max. I couldn’t think of any outfit that shouldn’t have belonged here. We can tell Gurung has a passion for designing, for I always end up feeling deeply connected to his collections. When you see him walking down the runway for his recognition, you see an average guy who is fighting for his dreams like everyone else. His signature white v-neck shirts and pants have enough statement to love him. Gurung doesn’t design to market, because his efforts and devotions are what attract us to purchase an item from him.

Anna Wintour Front Row at Prabal Gurung's Fall 2013 Collection
Anna Wintour Front Row at Prabal Gurung's Fall 2013 Collection

While waiting for the show to begin, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of Anna Wintour arms crossed, portraying a “bring it on Gurung” pose.

Olive Coat with White Fur at Prabal Gurung Fall 2013 Collection
Olive Coat with White Fur at Prabal Gurung Fall 2013 Collection

Once the first model came down the runway in an olive peplum number, matched with a black harness belt, I knew the rest was victory. Fur brought an attitude to the outfits without feeling overly exaggerated. The olive coat with the white fur collar and sleeves was stunning. Colors – olive, navy, and white were enough to breathe for.

Beautiful Embroidery at Prabal Gurung Fall 2013 Collection
Beautiful Embroidery at Prabal Gurung Fall 2013 Collection
Olive cut dress at Prabal Gurung Fall 2013 Collection
Olive cut dress at Prabal Gurung Fall 2013 Collection

Embroidery was crafted beautifully on tops, pants, and coats. Dresses had the perfect description…………..control, authority, and seduction. Evening dresses showed skin necessary for an awards night. High thigh warrior boots were fit for any regiment women. The finale of models aligned in rows, such as the army would perform, snapped to you Gurung’s ability to make a women reveal her inner warrior weapon. Who doesn’t want to be Gurung’s army soldiers now?

The Finale at Prabal Gurung's Fall 2013 Regiment Collection
The Finale at Prabal Gurung's Fall 2013 Regiment Collection

Editor’s Note: Beginning February 10, Prabal Gurung’s limited Target collection will be available throughout stores for your loved one to purchase you an item before Valentine’s Day. No excuses.

Nautica Men's Fall 2013 Collection: The Reinvented Parkas

Nautica Men's Fall 2013 Collection: The Reinvented Parkas

Nautica celebrated its 30th year anniversary returning to the runway with one of its strongest collection ever. Creative director, Chris Cox had a huge card under his sleeves that was taken out at the right moment. The brand could have been described as old and worn out for many, but this was not the case. The looks presented Friday afternoon were ones we could shockingly describe it as a seasonal collection. Even though colors were general, details were the main protagonist.

 I am usually not a big fan of fur, but I have to say those fur parkas gave the masculinity men are seeking for; no femininity, pure male structure. The overall parkas had a sleek silhouette that felt comfortable for anyone to wear; not too tight, not too loose. What appeared to be leggings were not actually the ones it would come to your mind. They were meant to be worn by the adventurous men who journeys around with style, constructed in patchwork designs for an ultra masculine touch. Sweatpants were not your average ones, as they appeared like pants. It may have been the suits that added this magic illusion. Fisherman sweaters………..were simply sexy. Thanks to Cox, I’ll now view these sweaters in a whole different manner. Accessories, such as hiking boots and beanies portrayed the confident attitude.

To summarize (briefly), the entire collection was adequate for any generation of men. If you ever are one of those guys who is laid-back, but wants to feel confident with style, Nautica has you covered. I, as a client, will be waiting for next’s fall to arrive.

Editor's Note: Notice how I posted two collages of the collection. That's how much I'm deeply in love with the entire looks. Outerwear look refined here. What do you think?

Nautica Men's Fall 2013 Collection: The Reinvented Parkas

Friday, February 8, 2013

Outgoing and Flirty at Rebecca Minkoff's Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Rebecca Minkoff Fall/Winter 2013 NYC Collection

Rebecca Minkoff is the girl everyone wants to hangout with. It’s rare to find a designer who portrays who she/he really is. Most designers take inspiration in their collection to market their brand. Rebecca…..she’s someone else. She doesn’t need models to wear her clothes, because what she wears is enough statement. Her signature is written all over her design!

Her fall 2013 collection was again, outgoing and flirty for this fall mood. Who said fall had to feel so depressing? Striped navy pants were so chic, no coat was needed. Shades of gray tweed uplifted the cold weather. There was a camel colored trenchcoat that was to die for. Skirts came with textured that grasped eyes to the details (and something else). Fur was crafted so well that it became cool; not too exaggerated, just the right touch. Shoes! You need to go get a pair ASAP.

If there is something you need to know about this designer……are her bags. They add an incredible look to any outfit you decided to wear. 

P.S.: Rebecca Minkoff handbag prices are not over the sky. This should be your excuse to go out and buy one to look fashionable and trendy.

Check out her bags at rebeccaminkoff.com

Jason Wu's Fall/Winter 2013 Seductive Collection

Jason Wu Fall/Winter 2013 NYFW Collection

It appears we can’t get over Jason Wu’s red dress designed for Mrs. Obama. What do you see in this collection? Take a closer look, and think about it. There were signs of seductive authority that portrayed the different side of Mr. Wu’s mood. Colors - white, gray, red, and olive were enchanting. As the seasons pass, it seems like young Wu has matured throughout his brand. There are no more chic ladies who were afraid of taking small risks. They are more seductive and risk takers, but remain youthful in different manners. His fall collection gave another homerun we were expecting to come.

Military numbers made its presence at the runway, whilst luxurious fox fur collars whispered a sensual atmosphere. Tops were beyond spectacular – appearing in numbers of drapes, peplum, and whips of leather. A red striped see-thru sweater showed Wu’s rebellious side, while embroidery tops were needed to showcase its youthfulness. Dresses were playful and feminine. A vibrant navy dress struck for a gala.

Kenneth Cole's Big Return at New York Fashion Week 2013

Kenneth Cole Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Kenneth Cole’s seven year hiatus came stronger than ever. He knew how social media was impacting the fashion world today, and used it to his advantage. For every #KCRUNWAY that was tweeted, $1.00 would be donated to amfAr. I felt great being part of this fund, which Kenneth has been very supportive of.

His fall collection was superlative; in basic terms awesome. He delivered a collection that appeared practical and fashion-forward. You know when you buy a designer item, but it’s not really meant to be worn with everything. Well, Kenneth hit a huge target audience here. The clothes were practical, structured, and adequate for any occasion. Colors – hues of gray, olives, and oxblood gave presence. Hats added an interesting point to outfits, bringing that tiny attitude one needs. Chokers came perfect for the finishing touch.

For men, leather pants were well fitted and masculine. As a customer, I don’t appreciate leather pants that portray too much brightness, or too thick. Pants here were clean, trimmed, and well made for the fashionable men. In other words, I adore leather pants now. Coats added formality to these looks that I could bet are going to fly off the racks very fast.

If anything, you should feel necessary to invest in collection (like this one), where you’ll feel confident and trendy no matter what you choose to pair it with. Don’t feel remorse for purchasing an item from this collection, because I doubt you’ll feel it (I won’t).

Kenneth Cole Fall/Winter 2013 Men's Collection

Thursday, February 7, 2013

New York Fashion Week - Timo Weiland Fall/Winter 2013

Timo Weiland Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Timo Weiland’s fall/winter 2013 collection described a sophisticated and uptown trendy girl. Navy plaid suits appeared flattering on the models, whilst shoes had and edgy flow that lifted the spirits of the outfits. These designers hit bingo with outerwear, which defined luxury to its standards. Shearling coats were a winning number here; the navy one with a shearling collar was perfect. Colors – olives, navy, black, and red, were necessary for the presentation. Sweaters had texture that set them apart from your average ones, dividing them between cashmere and leather. Weiland’s collection was honestly, superlative for fall. Leather was well used in a way many women would feel confident porting it.  Timo Weiland’s and Alan Eckstein’s interpretations of travel and dapper dressing had enough statement for one to interpret. Their men's line is one to be inspired also, which will be posted soon here.

BCBGMAXAZRIA Takes New York Fashion Week With Fierce

New York Fashion Week - BCBG MAXAZRIA Fall/Winter 2013

Fur and Beanie attitudes! What more could you have asked for at BCBG MAX AZRIA’s fall/winter 2013 presentation? BCBG stroke New York Fashion Week with fierce. Shoes became the center of attraction, resembling trompe de l’oeuil leather pants. Fur felt with no doubt colorful and full of authority. Prints had a sensual touch with those side slits that moved beautifully as the models walked (the proper fabric performed the desire), but best of all, those beanies taught us a style lesson…..or should I declare...…. the new must have accessory.

BCBG’s inspirational gypsy vibe (a modern one) took us to another level we weren’t familiar with, and superbly pleased. Sheer had always been a fabric of choice for this brand, but not as detailed and crafted as the one we experienced Thursday morning. Prints were stitched on the fabrics in various colors – white, navy, black. Let alone, the printed fabrics were simply fascinating; fabrics spoke luxury. New designs emerged here, such as a laser-cut burgundy, leather top that made its debut on the runway. Besides the effervescent numbered heels, vibrant fur vest were the one’s to watch. Fur was present everywhere – on sleeves, collars of coats, to a whole body suit. The beanies finished marking the look.

This particular collection was the right moment to introduce new ideas to the brand, like other designers have done as well. Overall, as a spectator, I left intrigued to know what else could they bring to the table? For now, it was simply………marvelous. 

Editor's Note: As you can tell, a beanie adds another level to your wardrobe. Choose one that appears of good quality. It's not going to look so attractive wearing one that has holes or cotton balls.

Choose for example a Marc by Marc Jacobs beanie below from net-a-porter.com

Day 1: Nicholas K Fall/Winter 2013 - Fresh Beginning

P.S. - stars signify the ratings we give to the collection, 5, perfect.

New York Fashion Week started off fresh with Nicholas K. If anything you should be familiar about Nicholas, are his fashion-forward pieces: drapes, anoraks, and patchwork structures. It’s no wonder why he is always in charge of giving a very warm welcome to Fashion Week.

His fall/winter 2013 collection felt warm and edgy, which was appropriate for this iceberg weather at New York (the temperature marked 26°F according to the iPhone). There were various colors that will perhaps mark a trend for this upcoming fall - creams, olives, chromatic grays, and as usual…..black. Every time Nicholas presents one of his collections, I can’t help but bring back memories of my outfits worn on the first day of each school year; fresh would be the term to describe this collection.

The presentation seemed to have a theme on the city hiker. Jackets added a tough structure to the men, whilst women dominated those fur collar numbers. In a very honest and respectful manner, some draped dresses appeared to have too much layers occurring everywhere. Sunglasses, borrowed from the science lab, didn’t have much to say; to continue on, the rest was pleasing to the keen eye.

Men’s sweaters had enough statement with strips of leather stitched around them (these were a top favorite). Other coats, overlapped with layers of leather and wool, would be something most southerners here would find fashionable. Hoodies were cut in half with only the upper parts present, bringing Nicholas’ fashion-forward statement. Cowl necks added class to the overall laid-back guy.

Women’s clothes had about the same similarities to the men’s number, forming the perfect couple for this Valentine’s Day. It could not be described as chic, because Nicholas’ girl’s have a strong confidence in what they wear. There was a cardigan that was worn with a fur collar that was worn backwards – I have to state it was quite interesting. Crystal necklaces (diminutive glaciers) were worn as an accessory statement, which fulfilled the interest of the collection.

Editor's Note: I do believe many can blend with this brand, because it's uptown cool. It's casual, yet stylish as one would say. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New York Fashion Week 2013: Important Shows to Have in Mind for Fashion Week

Fashion Week Runway
Fashion Week Presentation

As you’ve been informed lately, New York Fashion Week begins this Thursday (February 7, 2013). Fashion week is a time where everyone gets back to business. You wonder sometimes when you see a presentation, how dare she/he be on her phone and not enjoy the fashion show. You’d probably be cheerful they would be replaced by you.

The truth is fashion week is not purely about sitting front row, and enjoying the new collections being presented. Retailers and editors have an immense stress figuring out what to display next season at major stores, to what will become the next top trend acceptable for everyone (for the most part). Bloggers? We could describe fashion bloggers as a second PR responsible for making sure a brand is talked about. For some, it may serve as a fashion entertainment, but for the rest of us bloggers, it’s a devoted job that serves as a means to send a message across for specific collections. Fashion Week is the time to get your duties performed if you really want to open a broader social impact in your career.

Well, enough pre-details declared. Below you will find some of the most buzzed about shows you must see during New York Fashion Week. If you miss any of the shows, know that they will be posted here for you to give your opinion as well. More collections will also be available.

Below are a few of the major shows you must see for this season's New York Fall/Winter 2013 presentations.

Jason Wu
February 8
We're curious to know if he'll bring back his sensual side for fall again.
Prabal Gurung
February 9
Will his "regiment" collection include LOVE?
Alexander Wang
February 9
This collection will be the one to compare with his Balenciaga debut in Paris.
February 9
Joseph Altuzarra always has something new to offer that makes us smile.
Victoria Beckham
February 10
The posh girl's collection is one of the most anticipated shows for many.
Carolina Herrera
February 11
Her spring collection included items not familiar with the brand. Will she included something new this fall?
Marc Jacobs
February 11
Will his fall collection go any more revealing from spring. Who cares? We'll still be like desperate children crying for more candy anyways
Oscar de la Renta
February 12
This is major! We're severely desperate to know how much John Galliano put into this collection.
Proenza Schouler
February 13
These boys have shown us they have a saying in New York. How much will their collection speak this season.
Ralph Lauren
February 14
We'd be so joyful this collection was even more romantic on a special day
Calvin Klein
February 14
As clean and modern Francisco is, we'd be pleased to come across another interpretation as the one he presented for spring. It would be marvelous for a fashion week closing.

Don't forget to follow for the latest coverage.