Thursday, March 7, 2013

PFW Review | Who Runs The World? Chanel!

Chanel Fall 2013 world purse

It was clear that Chanel, under Karl Lagerfeld, will still be the dominator of fashion. I mean, who in the world doesn’t know what Chanel is; at least Chanel No.5. Chanel is literally one of the best shows in town when it comes to a fashion show.  If anything you should be impressed by when viewing a Chanel presentation, it should be its setting –  a merry go round, a barn, sea creatures, crystal glaziers, wind turbines, and now………The World. 

It may seem that after so many years that Karl Lagerfeld has been designing for Chanel it gets boring. In my opinion, designing for Chanel four times a year, you’d think you may run out of ideas; not for Karl. Each collection just gets better. Karl has made Chanel his own world we all want to live in. And for his fall collection it was stated clear – if you want to be with him, you must reach the top of the world.

When I judge something, especially a runway show, I have to view a video of the show in order to give my opinion; from what I am able to observe. I am obsessed when it comes to the movement of the garments. The way something moves is a key fundamental part of a designer’s presentation; no movement, no interest. And let’s get to the point. Mr. Lagerfeld scored a huge win here. If you have not seen the show, you must go watch it now (after this).

Runway to Style Fashion Blog: Chanel Fall 2013 Coats

Coats stole my heart in this show. The silhouettes were simply impeccable – strong, energetic, and extremely confident for the Chanel customer. Coats were slightly loose in such a way, they created a swag for the model wearing them; so sick when paired with those chained shoes. When closed, they appeared as if they were a one-piece suit – skirt and suit all in one – which were very deceiving and rewarding. Texture definitely appeared crafted a la Chanel. I wish I could have seen it closer in person.

Runway to Style Fashion Blog: Chanel Fall 2013 Unzipped Skirts

Unzipped skirts. Let’s talk secretly sensual. Another deceiving and mind thoughtful idea ……until you realized there was a second layer hidden underneath. Too bad for those guys who thought there was something occurring under there.

Runway to Style Fashion Blog: Chanel Fall 2013 Accessories

Accessories were very pleasing. I loved the idea of those colored fur haircut hats. Shoes, as I stated previously – sick. Handbags were colorful and youthful. Everything was mastered with perfection; no complaints as always.

Who wants to be part of the Chanel world? 

Watch the Show Here.


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