Thursday, April 18, 2013

Saint Laurent Sold Out

Saint Laurent spring 2013 collection have sold out
Several of these Saint Laurent spring pieces have already sold at various retailers, and are having to make a second order to keep in stock. The classic fedoras in rabbit fur have been a big hit.

Hedi Slimane may be by now the most talked about designer in the fashion world. Since his debut as the new creative director for Saint Laurent Paris, the negative critics for his work at the house have not stopped following him. His debut for his Spring/Summer 2013 collection was criticized as a horrendous mockery to the legend of Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent. In fact, his two most recent collections – his spring boho and fall baby-doll grunge theme – received one of the strongest negative reviews I had seen in a while. 

According to a latest New York Times article written by Eric Wilson about Hedi Slimane’s new role in the world of Saint Laurent, Slimane was already expecting such negativity from his collections even before his debut. If he sensed this was going to happen, then why create such a controversy? If you ever happened to know something about its original creator, Monsieur Saint Laurent, his brand itself was quite a controversy. It is no surprise Slimane has gone back to the roots of the once acclaimed power house, but in my perspective he has keenly made sure it becomes back again the brand we all used to once talk about so much. 

To sort of prove my side, reported in the article that Slimane’s show ranked the second most viewed collection for both fall and spring seasons – more than 2.2 million views for his fall collection – right after beloved Chanel. Apparently, while Stefano Pilati was under the house, Saint Laurent never made it to such a high ranking, not even the top 10. 

Several retailers have already begun to sell Hedi Slimane’s spring/summer collection for Saint Laurent. And critics may scream disaster, but the truth of the fact is that the customers who are shopping around for this specific collection have a different taste. Sales for Slimane’s spring collection have rocketed over the sky. The sales have been so huge that most online luxury retailers like Net-a-Porter and My Theresa have sold out several of its pieces already. Referring to the article, Barneys New York sold 60 percent of its spring orders at full price. There were no discounts. I checked back recently at other retailers after the pieces had been sold out, and it seemed they had restocked another order of Saint Laurent accessories and shirts. 

I believe what was once a collection that may have “shocked” you, after a certain time, converts into the most desired collection you can’t get out of your thoughts. It’s like hearing a song you hate so much, which after a while you’re joyfully singing it over and over. It may be that what is happening to this spring collection will hopefully happen to next fall’s baby-doll grunge collection. The critics may need to calm their negativity and take time to indulge on it slowly and sweetly. I’ll guarantee you’ll see a whole different dimension. If you still happen to disagree, then all I can say is get used to him, because it seems so far Mr. Slimane will be around for quite some time.

And for you girls waiting for the end of the season 70 percent sale, I doubt you'll get your hands on Saint Laurent. Better luck saving for next upcoming fall.

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