Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beyonce Strikes Again in Custom Gucci Outfits

Gucci sketches for Beyonce's Mrs.Carter World Tour Outfits 2013

This week Beyonce seems to be not only making her Mrs. Carter World Tour a talked about concert with hair getting caught in a fan, or an audience member slapping her in the butt, but her high-end custom designer outfits seems to be growing each and every day. She has worn a series of Emilio Pucci, Givenchy, Kenzo, The Blondes (quite a buzzed one), and much more bedazzled outfits, but now she is about to open a new series of custom Gucci outfits. Yes, in case you may think you're all smart, she had already worn one custom Gucci outfit to the Chime for Change concert in London, but the collection could grow to be one of the best of any concerts.

So far, she debuted two outfits that were surely made for her personality. Frida Giannini, creative director of Gucci, stated that when designing Beyonce's outfits she "wanted the outfits to bring to life the assertive, powerful femininity" she sees in her performances. In our opinion these two outfits defined what Giannini was going for in a refined luxury manner. I don't know about you, but we wouldn't mind dressing up in those crisp white trousers and embroidered black/white top for a any occasion. We hope to see much more of these powerful outfits when she continues her eponymous tour worldwide. 

What do you think so far about these two outfits?

Beyonce in custom Gucci outfits for Mrs. Carter concert 2013

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