Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Spring/Summer 2013 Trends - 2. Beloved Ruffles

Gucci Spring 2013
Gucci Spring/Summer 2013

Ruffles have proven to be the star of season for spring/summer 2013, but take in consideration that the spring ruffles should declare serenity more than drama. Some designers chose to add small layer of this design and extend them into longer waves, maintaining a classical feel. Gucci’s sophisticated ruffles proved just how luxurious an effortless dress or top could be. Peter Pilotto’s extravagant layered prints maintained the level of modernism without being too loud spoken. Givenchy’s inspired catholic roots added a purification touch that any would be willing to wear to clear their sins. Isabel Marant decided to present a classical ruffled blouse in a jolly manner. 

Peter Pilotto Spring 2013
Peter Pilotto Spring/Summer 2013

Givenchy Spring 2013
Givenchy Spring/Summer 2013

Isabel Marant Spring 2013
Isabel Marant Spring/Summer 2013

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