Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gap Men's Colored Slim Khaki's Are Worth a Try

Gap men's colored slim khakis

Spring is the time when you get to dress in more colorful outfits - not that you can't in the winter - but, more people are open to do this in the spring/summer time. Lately, I've been trying to search for a good pair of pants that won't break the bank. I was debating whether to purchase or not a pair of Gucci mustard colored pants, which retailed at $740. Not too expensive for a pair of pants, huh? I was just fascinated by the choice of colored trousers in Gucci's Spring 2013 menswear collection. The colors for me happen to be so vivid yet masculine.

I've owned a pair of men's Express chinos - various neutral colors - which I still happen to love for its slim fit and lengthening effect that I feel makes me look taller. The colors are fresh, and the pants are nice, but the Express man is more of a urban city guy who tends to keep his patterns and colors toned down. I wanted something more vivid. I am also a fan of H&M's pants, but I am the type of person who likes to experiment with different brands. I was seeking for something fresh in my closet.

I had been hearing great reviews by recent customers who had visited the Gap store at a near mall where I live. I decided to take a quick visit to the store and see what they had available. I was impressed by the various menswear colored pants (khakis) Gap had available in their store. I decided to try on a pair and was very amazed by how well they fit. The colors were the type of hues I was seeking forth in. Also, the fit felt slim-relaxed, which I refer to being comfortable, lengthening, fresh, and slim, not tight. I personally liked the pants, and I purchased it. 

I also went online to see if they had more colors available. And guess what? They happened to have a sort of similar pair of mustard khakis, but in canary yellow, as they named it. There are various colors of them available online. Immediately as I saw it, I came up with an outfit I could pair these pants with. What I love about Gap's pants is that you can go any way you want to - dress, casual, or semi-formal - for any necessary occasion. Put on a nice a blazer, jacket, or layering shirt, paired with any accessories, and your outfit is done and clean.

Gap men's colored pants - outfit collage
Gap mustard colored khakis // Levi's vest // Gucci horsebit white loafers // Luis Morais bracelet // Gucci sunglasses // Anderson's leather belt

In conclusion, I am not a regular Gap customer, but I also happen to like their assortment of shirts and polos, besides their khakis. I thought it was very casual and pleasing for the young and average male customer.  I might as well return soon to see what else I can get inspired by.

Are you a regular customer at Gap?

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