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The Fall 2013 Couture | Chanel, Valentino, and More

chanel fall 2013 couture collection tweed suits

Chanel is one of the few - maybe the only one - brands who can produce 68 looks without appearing it was rushed at all. Karl Lagerfeld's team has become perfectly comfortable with couture, that by know it's as easy as stealing a piece of candy from a kid. Effortless and chic are their iconic Chanel suits - presented each season in newer designs - you would forget these are the true suits, made entirely by hand. 

There is always a question for others who are familiar with Chanel's collection though. Don't the other ready-to-wear suits and jackets have just about the same designs as the couture ones, but separated because one is handmade? Not exactly. 

Chanel's couture jackets are what keep couture alive momentarily. Even though these pieces may retail around $10,000+ for each, they do sell like hot pancakes. You would think such ridiculous price tag would exempt some one from purchasing these beauties, but it is the idea that a Chanel suit would fit perfectly like a glove (based on your body measurements) and embroidered with such impeccable details the main factor that would lead to a mass demand. 

Karl Lagerfeld in general seems to stay in his comfort zone, upgrading newer versions of his Chanel suits that's not hard to in love with. Yes, there is a dramatic detail effect in Lagerfeld's couture suits that drive their prices up. One dark gray suit and skirt ensemble was actually stitched with small silver-ly strips to achieve its lustrous effect, while another white suit jacket (pictured above) appeared to have been hand braided throughout the sides - something only Chanel has mastered. Dresses were pleasing to watch as well, but would have been much more beautiful without Mr. Lagerfeld's sumptuous skirts anyone could rock if money weren't the blockade. 

valentino fall 2013 couture collection dresses

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli of Valentino were feeling the beauty of nature. For this, they decided to begin their show with a series of nature prints that didn't work too well to say the least. There were some that were intriguing, but others were too much in your face; it could make someone dizzy. 

Even though their choice of prints may have not been a winning factor as were their extraordinary crepe pipings last couture season, there was an effort put into those designs. There lace and embroidered dresses were the definition of high luxury here. There couldn't be woman who wouldn't think twice at least in trying on a black laced dress (pictured above) that would portray the refined classical woman Valentino is.

We know they are also perfect at making a great cape and overcoat - present in here - but what brought a doubt here was one specific look. It was the only look that was the most different of them all and infused somewhat of a vintage Valentino. A light brown deep cut dress (pictured above) seemed quite provocative compared to what we have been used to seeing Chiuri and Piccioli show at Valentino. This dress could make the younger girls of today go desperate for something like this; a favorite of mine. It indeed maintained a classic sophistication with the correct color choice, but the question is could Valentino soon be moving to another new chapter? If the question were yes, I believe most of us would be in favor. The duo is doing excellent introducing new elements in their menswear line, so why not shift some major things around in their womenswear line?

elie saab fall 2013 couture collection embroidered dresses

Elie Saab can best be recognized on the red carpet for his signature embroideries and beadwork. They have become a favorite among celebrities to wear on the red carpet, and it wouldn't be surprising to see a dress from this collection appear soon at a premiere. 

His colors - burgundy, blue paillettes, light gray, emerald, and violet, - were a big triumph for Elie Saab. It may have been Mr.  Saab's strongest couture collection compared to previous seasons, because just like his burgundy numbers, imbued seductive authority. His jumpsuits, like one light gray embroidered look, was feminine and elegant - appropriate to wear for a gala besides a dress. Overall, there were various options of colors and cuts to choose from. This doesn't mean it was bad, it just means choosing something to wear from this fall 2013 couture collection will be harder to decide. Good Luck. In your dreams.

alexis mabille fall 2013 couture collection dresses

Alexis Mabille loves to create drama in his couture collections, for which being couture most of us have to view as a form of art. But his fall 2013 collection had somewhat of a less drama; surprising. Of course not all was about taking away drama as were his dresses - finished with exaggerated shoulders and more structures. He included several pants - hand painted, embroidered, and simply satin pastels - that weren't as unappealing for a couture standard. The only drama in his pants could have been they were high-waisted.

A semi-draped pink satin dress stitched with an embroidered top was an interesting technique coming from Mabille. Compared to his other dresses, one black embroidered dress with a 3-dimensional purple flower was appealing, and had Mabille's signature in a much more refined (modern) manner.

 Someone searching for a little dose of couture drama could definitely find something of their wish in these collection. If Mabille would want to reach a much wider audience, his precision in dramatic effects while still managing to tone his obsession for drama, could put him on the map of a designer who can offer very special treasures.

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