Sunday, November 18, 2012

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Clutch

A clutch has become by far one of the most symbolic symbols of fashion. Anna Dello Russo is probably the perfect girl to persuade you those reasons. I have included 5 positive reasons why you need to grab one ASAP (as soon as possible). Read my personal 5 reasons below.

Clutch gives more freedom
pH: The Berry
1. A clutch gives you more freedom to move around as much as you desire.

pH: the cherry blossom girl
2. A clutch looses that pain you would feel when carrying an excessive heavy bag.

3. A clutch looks so feminine when walking. It adds so much sophistication and power the way you decide to carry that clutch.

Alexander McQueen clutch

4. A clutch can be turned into a mini shoulder bag without having to hold it all the time.

5. A clutch can be used as a small accessory that still adds definition to your look when adding other bigger accessories, such as jewelry to your outfit.

Anna Dello Russo clutch
Anna Dello Russo and her famous clutches

What are your opinions towards wearing a clutch?

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