Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sexy Gladiators - Versace Spring/Summer 2013

Versace Spring/Summe 2013
Versace's Spring/Summer 2013 first outfit.

Versace has always been described as one of the most provocative fashion houses. This season there were no exceptions, for lace and gladiator princesses became the new lust to look after. The introduction of the first model wearing a black dress with lace running over her body and legs left very little to the imagination. Only a Versace girl is allowed to wear something like this, and with gladiator heels. The color palette centered more on the colors of the dessert (orange, cream, and warm blue), which brought a pleasant atmosphere to the show. The music and walk of the models all correlated exactly together to an “I don’t give a * what you think.” Donatella took a risk in introducing the crinkled silk effect dresses, describing the previous phrase. The slit dresses were all extraordinarily provocative, as for any women wearing it would need to take precautions of a wardrobe malfunction.

Versace Spring/Summe 2013
Versace Spring/Summer 2013 tie-dyed dress
Out of the whole collection, the laced pants Donatella presented should become one of the most items sold next season. Not that the whole collection was great, but for some women, the collection may be a little too sexy (not that we wouldn’t mind). Who knows, maybe she may decide to turn into a goddess when wearing the finale dresses that are only fit for a crown.

Versace Spring/Summe 2013
Versace Spring/Summer 2013 lace pants

Versace Spring/Summe 2013
Versace Spring/Summer 2013 gladiator dress

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