Monday, June 17, 2013

Men's London Spring/Summer 2014| Rag & Bone Men's Clean Cuts

Day 2 of London Collection: Men's Best Spring/Summer 2014

rag and bone mens spring 2014 shirts

Vibe: Guy Lookin Fly
Rag & Bone is better known for mixing its American sportswear vibe with its English tailoring roots. One couldn't have thought both sides could turn out to give the brand that clean, fresh, and urban-ish appeal we like to see designers, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville perform. They've been nominated several times as best Menswear designers of the year, and the structural detailed designs like their most recent spring 2014 collection explains everything. They know how to cut a pair of jeans perfectly well, as well as making a pair of pants the most unique of them all. Their white relaxed pants were ones to pay close attention at all details. 

Special were the ones with a small black button in the bottom end of the crotch area, or an extra pocket lowered down along the legs. What were really sharply man tailored were their shorts - great to pair with a favorite blazer, jacket, or t-shirt in any occasion that calls for them. The best numbers here we'd have to say were their crisp white, gray, and dark navy shirt jackets. Three nice pieces - short, jacket, and shirt - in floral prints also made an entrance.

richard james spring 2014 colorful suits

Vibe: Fluorescent Tailored Gentlemen
Sleek silhouettes are what best describe Sir Richard James designs when it comes to menswear tailoring. But what the others do in craftsmanship and design, he does it in color, something that doesn't come to mind quite often when he says his a Savile Row tailor. If you have not already figured it out, you may have already seen this designer favors using his talent to give his clothes a much different spin on sartorial looks. Take for example his special espadrilles designs - flower stamped. Speaking about special, one specific polo shirt - pink fading into a lighter see-thru purple - was a shirt to be admired by. Being Sir James part of the Savile Row town, his hot orange, sky blue, and white trousers were unsurprisingly cut well. One thing we know for sure is that sartorial and color can make any men much more happier like Sir Richard James spring/summer 2014 collection.

christopher kane mens spring 2014 3d shirts

Vibe: The Boy in the 3D Face Diagram
Christopher Kane can be quirky with some of his designs, but you can't deny you want to try on all his ultra cool t-shirts. Kane's spring/summer 2014 men's print collection was no exception to let go of. He made frankenstein popular, and now it may be 3D diagram man's turn to test popularity. A fluorescent yellow 3D diagram sweater spoke for itself. His black pants seemed to be cut well, and as far as white goes, he made this color much more cooler in these prints. Perhaps this particular white 3D ensemble could become a hot streestyle trend in menswear. Overall, Kane seems to be making his quirky cool prints a signature as the house becomes beloved by many.

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