Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Resort 2014 Bestseller Collections - Sexy, Chic, Casual, Rebellious

The South is probably the most conservative of all states to savor a good dose of fashion. As you may already know, most designers have presented their newest Resort 2014 collections that will be available in most stores some time not during the next two months. Around December or next year perhaps? 

I have come to the point of analyzing several collections most women here could come to an agreement with me that the following collections are perhaps a win for their closet. Having a great knowledge for fashion here is not necessarily needed as it would for a designer (runway) collection. The main goal of a resort collection is to really, short and simple, see what pieces sell the fastest, and what pieces stay on the floor the longest. It can become quite a stressful time, since most retailers want to see profit and clothes selling and selling. Most designers have to let go of their artistic (couture) abilities and turn on their marketing skills for resort. All customers want here is easy, luxurious, no drama pieces to wear any season or occasion. Yes, it can be quite challenging for some, but as long as most of their resort collection sell out, all is fine.

Below are just a few of the resort collection, who in my opinion, think have a potential of connecting with many customers, or simply sell out pretty good. 

Prabal Gurung Resort 2014 Prints

Vibe: Sophisticated Geometric Prints.

Prabal Gurung has got a big win in this collection. This is what most women seek in a resort collection. Something that has the designers elements (prints for Prabal) in an outfit and feels appropriate to wear for any occasion. His talent for designing incredible works of art keeps growing as the seasons pass, making him a more recognizable international designer for many. Prabal Gurung is a must have for Resort 2014. A great piece to add to your next summer wardrobe is the printed leather trench coat for those chilly and rainy days. Simply hot.

Burberry Prorsum Resort 2014. Playful Chics.

Vibe: The College Chic.

Burberry has always been one of the go to brands for the sophisticated woman. Want to know how an English lady dresses? Burberry is the answer. For Resort 2014, Christopher Bailey sort of kept the route he had gone in his recent fall collection. Playful, fetish-y, and urban-ish. Something most young girls would familiarize with. A style you could emulate from this collection is a long sleeve polo shirt with a luxuriously embroidered, black leather skirt. Now if any may not be extremely sophisticated, it totally is luxurious. It is only a matter of getting close and intimate.The college wardrobe just got better.

Versace Resort 2014. Sexy Sailors

Vibe: SEX-Y Sailor.

Stripes never looked bright and sexy as Versace's does. Donatella Versace can never disappoint her clients. Pink, orange, lime, and aqua stripes made the original navy and white sailor stripes look so boring. Her interpretations of white sailor pants - in Medusa-head sailor buttons - definitely had that sex appeal Versace is best at doing. Her colorful micro-pleated tulle dresses were as sexy as her stripes. Take this dresses to a cocktail or party and your bet to have all eyes turned at you. This is an ideal resort collection who seeks a short, outspoken, and sexy attitude.

Altuzarra Resort 2014. Relaxed Lace and Denim.

Vibe: Romantic Lace and Relaxed.

Lace has always been a feminine design for many woman. Some may even feel disgusted by all the covered fabric. Joseph Altuzarra was probably one of the most surprising designers for many in his resort collection. He found the perfect way to mix lace into his suits in a very relaxed manner; made for the woman who wants comfortable luxury. What was more surprising here were Altuzarra's introduction of denim. His pants were cut perfectly and his suit combo made a stunning number with his cropped lace top. If you had not seen his fall 2013 collection - outstanding body hugging sex appeal looks - you would agree his resort collection went a different route than what were used to seeing him doing. Black pants in a very slouchier version also made a good intro for the Altuzarra woman. In general, most of you would agree to be very fond of this particular resort collection compared to his actual seasonal collections that come with a slightly more bit of drama which I prefer.

Alberta Ferretti Resort 2014. Rebellious Lady.

Vibe: Rebellious Safari Lady.

It may sound somewhat aggressive to say this, but Mrs. Ferretti seems to have a great amount of marketing skills compared to her actual runway collections. She definitely has some good runway pieces to fall in love with, but her pre-fall and resort collections seems to be favorited the most amongst women. Her Resort 2014 collection is a great example of how talented Alberta Ferretti is in keeping everything sophisticated with a rebellious twist. It appears more youthful to say the least, but with an edge to go from streetstyle to a meeting or evening celebration. The thought she took to in a specific white skirt and jacket ensemble with zebra linings made her resort presentation even more special. I feel either a young girl or mature woman could very well fall in love with the collection. It gives the young audience another option to take the route of the modern Renaissance Ferretti Lady. 

Derek Lam Resort 2014. Easy Luxury.

Vibe: Easy Luxurious Ensembles.

It would be no surprise Derek Lam has made a huge leap in women's fashion with his ideas of dressing women comfortably easy while still keeping the rich status. His Resort 2014 collection are easy on the eye, come with a great amount of texture effect, and have a terrific casual vibe that would be appealing to most women of certain age. There are various ladies in the South who already have that comfortable trend going, but a little Derek Lam upgrade will not only keep you feeling comfortable and trendy, but also look like a million dollar lady. Yes, it works for any occasion you have in mind as well.

DVF Resort 2014. Never out of Style.

Vibe: Trendiest Outgoing Lady.

Why else is Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) the president of the CFDA? Her most recent fall 2013 runway collection - Disco party - was one to have died for. Now, her Resort 2014 collection brought of mixture that will be of great taste to women of all ages. Her python print dresses have to be one of the best resort has brought. And let's talk about her play with stripes. Simply fabulous. First time I've ver used this word. There is nothing to dislike about the DVF woman. What she wears speaks for herself. She has a wonderful life to live, so enjoy it to the max. The best thing about Mrs. DVF is how generous she is with women of all ages and sizes. Any women who wears a size 8 or 10, and doesn't feel comfortable about her choice of designer clothes, then DVF is the solution to your answer. You're not only going to look striking beautiful, but you'll be the most stylish of the day. What more do you want? More DVF perhaps.

*As featured on IFB's Links à la mode and Ariele Loewe.

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