Thursday, June 13, 2013

Breaking News: Marc Jacobs Leaving Louis Vuitton, Isabal Marant X H&M, and more

Jason Wu, Isabal Marant, Emma Hill
pictured: Jason Wu (left), Isabal Marant (middle), and Emm Hill (right)

The Fashion News

1.) As you may have already heard, German fashion brand, Hugo Boss, has confirmed Jason Wu to be its new artistic director for womenswear. He will be taking over the label beginning with a first trial at his pre-fall 2013 collection. The real deal with unveil next February 2014 when he presents his Fall 2014 runway collection in New York for the brand. We have a assurance he'll do a great job. No doubt has speculated.

2.) H&M has knocked at Isabal Marant to create a new Fall 2014 designer collaboration for the mega retailer. The exclusive collection will consist of accessories, womenswear designs, and the designer's first ever attempt at menswear. This will be something to look forward to. It also be of great benefit to get another designer not many are familiar with to be exposed to the world. Expect to see the casual parisian - the way French people do it.The collection will be available beginning November 14. 

3.) Emma Hill, ex-creative director of Mulberry, announced her departure from Mulberry. The brand was making great achievements under her work, but the question here is who will take over her job now?

4.) Saint Laurent has announced its first sunglasses collection. While most of it may be black, the new Saint Laurent color, sunglasses don't look that bad. But for the price range between $290 - $360, I may just stick with my lovely Ray-Bans. (High Snobiety)

5.) Marc Jacobs could be on his way out of Louis Vuitton. His done such an incredible job building the reputation of the brand globally that it would be depressing to see him go. If he were to go, there are speculations that he could become the next designer for Coach. Wonder how that would work out? Oh, and Nicholas Ghesquiere could return back to the fashion world as the designer for Louis Vuitton? Things are getting hot in here. (Refinery 29)

The Celebrity News
Robert Pattinson has become the new face of Dior Homme fragrance. I guess that makes it another competition for models to book another fragrance ad. (Just Jared)

Technology -  On Social Media
Facebook has just added its new #hashtag search function.  Get ready to see an inundation of #'s all over Facebook. Now finding your lover cheating on you will be much more easier. #cheater (ABC News)

Other Entertaining News
A dude spends $5,000 in cosmetic surgery to look more like Ryan Gosling. Do you see a resemblance now? (Huffington Post)

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