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Fendi and Prada Spring 2014 Collections: A Beauty of Art and Technology

A review of Fendi and Prada Spring 2014 Collections. 

prada and fendi shoes and details
From Left: Graphic Prada coat and yellow bejeweled shoes; Fendi spring 2014 laser-cut fur top and plastic organza heels.

fendi spring 2014 organza dresses

You know where Karl Lagerfeld goes it’ll always make a great impression. That’s how it was at Fendi’s new spring 2014 collection. You have to respect what Mr. Lagerfeld does, because someone like him has to have a lot of creativity and think fast at the same time. Two weeks from today he’ll be presenting his Chanel show, but we never get a clue what to expect at his other show (unlike Marc Jacobs which you kind of know what to expect at Louis Vuitton). Fendi and Chanel may be done by the same designer, but they definitely have a different taste. Mr. Lagerfeld is a lover of organza – something you won’t see much at Chanel – but given he was at Fendi that was what he showed us.

I never feel intrigued by the way other designers play around with organza, but at Fendi they were the most luxurious, comfortable, and lightest fabrics I had seen. So much technology seemed to have gone into those fabrics. Laser-cut organza was layered in different shades of colors, brought into lovely pastel trench coats, cropped tops, and other tops and skirts etched with triangular patches of razor-thin fur. I loved how he made fur – in dresses, coats, tops, and skirts - accessible for a summery day; that red laser-cut fur jacket and skirt above was everything. Organza never looked so fresh and luxe as it did at Fendi. Well, thanks to Mr. Lagerfeld.

prada spring 2014 graphic dresses

Prada may be one of the biggest highlights of the season other designers may find it hard to beat when it comes to FASHION. Miuccia Prada does fashion. There is never quite a trend to follow at her shows. She just puts them out there for the audience to imagine her compelling stories that go so well with her choice of songs (Work Bitch by Britney Spears was played here). I’ve always seen Prada as a love affair. You think it’s wrong or ugly what she does, but most of us end up loving and dreaming her collection after a couple of times. It’s so awkward but it feels good to think about wearing one her clothes. And that’s the message she always brings to her collection: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Because under all those esoteric layering’s -  soccer socks, ribbed tops, bra tops, skirts - there is something special made just for you; I have her recent men’s summer collection stuck in my mind.   She said her new collection was one of her most personal to date, but it also was one of her strongest collections to date. 

She took sportswear and turned into a powerful message of female struggles. All those graffiti facial portraits that were painted on the murals of her runway were applied to her dresses to give a different meaning to each individual – hope, rejection, depression, happiness. Those images conveyed the power of femininity. She also layered embellished and stamped bra tops over coats and dresses like a form of self-confidence. Am I ready to show skin or not? There seemed to have been so much personal feelings into this collection.

Coats were by far the most noteworthy ones, especially those gorgeous graphic colored mink coats; if her $44,000 floral mink coats from her spring 2013 collection were a sensation, I have a feeling Ms. Prada knew very well what to invest into this collection. But not only will her colorful mink coats (our secret sin) and embellished dresses be displayed on magazines. Her accessories (which always sell the most) like those vibrant sandals and handbags are sure to have customers ordering more than one. And again, all those superb embellishments may be too much for your personal like, but if you analyze the rest, there will be something that will have a meaning to you. That being said, this was a beautiful collection of art.

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