Friday, September 20, 2013

Milan Spring 2014 Fashion Week: Gucci, Dsquared2, and More

gucci and alberta ferretti details dress
From left: A Gucci mesh and metallic silk dress; Close-up details of an Alberta Ferretti spring 2014 dress.

dsquared2 spring 2014 dresses

The Dsquared2 label is not meant to be loved or worn by anyone in general. The girl who wears Dean and Dan Coten’s design has to have lots of attitude and confidence to pull of those mini strapless dresses that were presented at their show. It was all about a day at the pool, because models either wore those strapless numbers, or a combination of hotpants paired with suits, cropped tops, or over embellished jackets. There most “normal” pieces most women could deal with were their cropped pants, a navy 50s inspired dress, and some of their luxe detailed coats. The rest may have been too much color in your face like those visible crocodile jackets – in cherry and sky blue – one could notice a mile away. But hey, Dsquared2 knows how to have fun, and even if the clothes weren’t the most compelling of all (it will be for their very loyal customers), one thing for sure is the twins know how to put on a good show that cheers you up no matter what. Let’s take a trip to the pool.

gucci spring 2014 athletic looks

The perks of being an athletic glam Gucci woman. And sexy if you think about it. Frida Giannini has one of the biggest responsibilities where risks aren’t really allowed to be experimented as much as one would like to. She’s the one to claim for making this luxury empire produce millions of dollars each season – Gucci is one of the most savvy brands that sells easily to the point when sales arrive you can hardly get what you wanted (It’s either now or never). And Gucci is one of those labels where party is part of its lifestyle – Slender sexy silhouettes that are eye catching and luxurious. Last season, she sent her models in tight hugging and python numbers that have been a sensation. This time she took a risk and went for a full collection of relaxed silhouettes. Was the risk well received?

Her first model came out in a black provocative mesh shirt with very relaxed printed silk shorts. A feminine version of a men’s basketball shorts? Silk laser-cut metallic prints were the main benefactor that aided in this new silhouette. Prints were injected into oversized t-shirts, caftans, tunic dresses, inspirational track pants, kimonos, and more mesh jackets with insets of triangular bra tops; it was even more intriguing to see models in wet hairstyles as if they had been working out. High lurex, like a green version Karmen Pedaru wore were sporty, while dresses that emphasized the hips hinted a sexier version between the new modern 20s and sportswear. Some of those halter dresses Giannini created were the ones with a bigger potential to be a hit next summer. 

It is no doubt Giannini’s version of sportswear had nothing about simplicity and relaxation. The Gucci women is outspoken, and these looks were surely approved to take them from the streets to the party; I loved how Frida knows her Gucci customer so well. Back to reality, this collection would have worked better if only she would have stopped going wild over those sometimes nostalgic criss-crossing straps. Overall, it was nice seeing the designer going for newer shapes. And side note, if you plan to join the Gucci group here, Giannini sent a secret message about dressing like one: Sandals and flip-flops are unacceptable (none were present here like in other designers). Because nothing looks sexier than a good pair of heels. Agreed. 

alberta ferretti spring 2014 floral dresses

Alberta Ferretti designs for the woman who wants to feel romantic and pretty. That’s how it felt at her new South American inspired collection; it seemed she had taken a trip to Mexico from my own visual perspective though. She always chooses light fabrics that are very feminine with only small amounts of embroideries to make someone feel special. The woman who tries on one of her dresses can always leave feeling beautiful. And that was the case with her beautiful floral embroideries etched on dresses and cropped tops that looked sophisticated with bold colored skirts. Threaded bonds of fluorescent colored ribbons attached to white dresses lifted the spirit up, as were her youthful orange and green applique of floral dresses. This was a collection with great sense of fabrics – light, feminine, and subtle – which is how women would want it.

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