Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 1: Nicholas K Fall/Winter 2013 - Fresh Beginning

P.S. - stars signify the ratings we give to the collection, 5, perfect.

New York Fashion Week started off fresh with Nicholas K. If anything you should be familiar about Nicholas, are his fashion-forward pieces: drapes, anoraks, and patchwork structures. It’s no wonder why he is always in charge of giving a very warm welcome to Fashion Week.

His fall/winter 2013 collection felt warm and edgy, which was appropriate for this iceberg weather at New York (the temperature marked 26°F according to the iPhone). There were various colors that will perhaps mark a trend for this upcoming fall - creams, olives, chromatic grays, and as usual… Every time Nicholas presents one of his collections, I can’t help but bring back memories of my outfits worn on the first day of each school year; fresh would be the term to describe this collection.

The presentation seemed to have a theme on the city hiker. Jackets added a tough structure to the men, whilst women dominated those fur collar numbers. In a very honest and respectful manner, some draped dresses appeared to have too much layers occurring everywhere. Sunglasses, borrowed from the science lab, didn’t have much to say; to continue on, the rest was pleasing to the keen eye.

Men’s sweaters had enough statement with strips of leather stitched around them (these were a top favorite). Other coats, overlapped with layers of leather and wool, would be something most southerners here would find fashionable. Hoodies were cut in half with only the upper parts present, bringing Nicholas’ fashion-forward statement. Cowl necks added class to the overall laid-back guy.

Women’s clothes had about the same similarities to the men’s number, forming the perfect couple for this Valentine’s Day. It could not be described as chic, because Nicholas’ girl’s have a strong confidence in what they wear. There was a cardigan that was worn with a fur collar that was worn backwards – I have to state it was quite interesting. Crystal necklaces (diminutive glaciers) were worn as an accessory statement, which fulfilled the interest of the collection.

Editor's Note: I do believe many can blend with this brand, because it's uptown cool. It's casual, yet stylish as one would say. 

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