Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nautica Men's Fall 2013 Collection: The Reinvented Parkas

Nautica Men's Fall 2013 Collection: The Reinvented Parkas

Nautica celebrated its 30th year anniversary returning to the runway with one of its strongest collection ever. Creative director, Chris Cox had a huge card under his sleeves that was taken out at the right moment. The brand could have been described as old and worn out for many, but this was not the case. The looks presented Friday afternoon were ones we could shockingly describe it as a seasonal collection. Even though colors were general, details were the main protagonist.

 I am usually not a big fan of fur, but I have to say those fur parkas gave the masculinity men are seeking for; no femininity, pure male structure. The overall parkas had a sleek silhouette that felt comfortable for anyone to wear; not too tight, not too loose. What appeared to be leggings were not actually the ones it would come to your mind. They were meant to be worn by the adventurous men who journeys around with style, constructed in patchwork designs for an ultra masculine touch. Sweatpants were not your average ones, as they appeared like pants. It may have been the suits that added this magic illusion. Fisherman sweaters………..were simply sexy. Thanks to Cox, I’ll now view these sweaters in a whole different manner. Accessories, such as hiking boots and beanies portrayed the confident attitude.

To summarize (briefly), the entire collection was adequate for any generation of men. If you ever are one of those guys who is laid-back, but wants to feel confident with style, Nautica has you covered. I, as a client, will be waiting for next’s fall to arrive.

Editor's Note: Notice how I posted two collages of the collection. That's how much I'm deeply in love with the entire looks. Outerwear look refined here. What do you think?

Nautica Men's Fall 2013 Collection: The Reinvented Parkas

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