Friday, February 8, 2013

Kenneth Cole's Big Return at New York Fashion Week 2013

Kenneth Cole Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Kenneth Cole’s seven year hiatus came stronger than ever. He knew how social media was impacting the fashion world today, and used it to his advantage. For every #KCRUNWAY that was tweeted, $1.00 would be donated to amfAr. I felt great being part of this fund, which Kenneth has been very supportive of.

His fall collection was superlative; in basic terms awesome. He delivered a collection that appeared practical and fashion-forward. You know when you buy a designer item, but it’s not really meant to be worn with everything. Well, Kenneth hit a huge target audience here. The clothes were practical, structured, and adequate for any occasion. Colors – hues of gray, olives, and oxblood gave presence. Hats added an interesting point to outfits, bringing that tiny attitude one needs. Chokers came perfect for the finishing touch.

For men, leather pants were well fitted and masculine. As a customer, I don’t appreciate leather pants that portray too much brightness, or too thick. Pants here were clean, trimmed, and well made for the fashionable men. In other words, I adore leather pants now. Coats added formality to these looks that I could bet are going to fly off the racks very fast.

If anything, you should feel necessary to invest in collection (like this one), where you’ll feel confident and trendy no matter what you choose to pair it with. Don’t feel remorse for purchasing an item from this collection, because I doubt you’ll feel it (I won’t).

Kenneth Cole Fall/Winter 2013 Men's Collection

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