Thursday, February 21, 2013

MFW Review | Gucci Fall 2013 - Dangerous Women

Gucci Fall 2013 - Dangerous Women - 40s silhouettes

What does a dangerous woman look like in Gucci? For fall, Giannini took advantage of her femme fatale and converted her into the dark, guarded, and sexual assassin. The introduction of the first model wearing an appliqué ensemble – paired with mesh leggings, leather gloves, and booties – provided a mysterious, but in a certain way, sensual mood. The use of rounded shoulders on most jackets gave that special touch the “dangerous woman” would port.

I was intrigued by the fact Gianni focused on new concepts for the brand – in a very Gucci manner. She’s become so strong in what she does that when describing something in this collection I can’t help but use the term Gucci to reference to what I’m saying.

Gianni was feeling for dark bolder colors – a decision I thought was perfectly made. This time, she decided to shift around her beloved 70s era, and move into a more constrained (not really) 40s theme. Suits reminded me of those Dior was famous for – narrowing of the waist and wider hips. Dresses – such as a cyan colored one in a bateau neckline – kept the consistency of the element. There were not copies of Dior, for Giannini made sure her designs appeared more explicit than usual.

Gucci Fall 2013 - Dangerous Women - Python and Houndstooth

Python – applied on suits, dresses, and skirts – heated up the catwalk in a very sexual behavior. A shiny python, peplum skirtsuit deeply sliced in mesh was hands down one of the best suits for a woman.

Interpretations of houndstooth in glittery shades and colors provided a unique element to the collection. The form in which she layered one suit with a metallic python turtleneck reminded me of aspects a dangerous woman must have – thick skin to fulfill her needs.

As stated, several silhouettes resembling that of the late 40s may have seemed too covered for the Gucci woman; maybe because they weren’t as body fitted. Well, Gianni shut me up when evening dresses were introduced.

Gucci Fall 2013 - Dangerous Women - Evening dresses

Dresses were beyond dangerous; so Gucci I would state. The use of mesh in these looks – detailed in patterns with sequins, feathers, and silk fringe – were striking beautiful. Silk was superbly shiny and screamed luxury.

By the way, if you ever want to go for an innovative jumpsuit, look no further – Gucci has one for you.


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