Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Being a Computer Geek Deserves Respect

The sunset is never to late to finish what you were doing

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a happy Tuesday. Today wasn't such a terrible day. I have to say I spent most of the hours trying to search for ways to change around the font size and links to connect to my menu bar. It was a pain in the butt, for I am not a computer geek. I literally spent about four hours trying to make sure all the links worked well, and overall change the "Read More" thing to what I had in my mind. It took some hard work (well, at least for me), but my blog is working how I had wanted it to work before.

 I still have some tweaks I need to make, for my bitchy computer gets an attitude every once in a while (Stupid Bitch). This is a main reason I have decided to possibly switch to an iMac, which I guess will be more convenient. I'm still in debate, whilst my camera seems to be malfunctioning too. Canon is in my list. I'm going to blame it on the camera for taking bad photos, but maybe its just me who doesn't know shit about it. 

Stay tune. I will be begin posting pictures about my outfits soon. I just have to research some more to learn how to edit professionally my shots. Honestly, I may be behind updating my posts, but I have to briefly master photo editor (Gimp). Why? Well, I have less than a week to get prepared for New York Fashion Week! By this time, I should be able to ball my editing skills. I Hope So!

P.S.: I have wanted to have a section of inspired street style looks, but I want them to be original (about you). If you would like to participate, you could send me your outfit of the day (men or women) to my e-mail so that I could post your looks to inspire others who visit. I adore creativity! If you have any other ideas you would like to see on my blog, contact me, and I'll be please to provide you with an answer.

Mr. Lazaro

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