Friday, January 11, 2013

Stars Who Didn't Shine at The Critic's Choice Awards Red Carpet

The People’s Choice Awards red carpet yesterday was full of statement trenders and well……horrible mistakes. As usual, not everyone is pleased as what celebrities wear when walking a red carpet. There’s always got to be that person who really didn’t make it to the best dressed list. Below, we give you some of the stars who didn’t shine at all. Poor Them.

Ellen Pompeo at The People's Choice Awards 2013
Ellen Pompeo in Lanvin
 This western number above did not look suitable for an awards ceremony. The look felt too casual to be worn here. A horse ride would of appeared better.

Jennifer Aniston at The People's Choice Awards 2013
Jennifer Aniston in Dior
Jennifer Aniston always manages to pull of a good look. This time she seemed to have forgotten about her curves. We adore Dior, but the dress simply made her look heavier than what she is. Or is she hiding something? Hmm.

Katy Perry at The People's Choice Awards 2013
Katy Perry in Valentino Fall/Winter 2012
 Katy Perry is known for her outgoing personality that she portrays in the red carpets in stunning body-hugging silhouettes. We know she has the perfect body to rock any outfit, but this particular look seemed very restrained. It felt more of as we were meeting with her at a casual lunch conference than an awards night. The dress was elegant no doubt, her hair nicely done, but there was something missing. What happened Katy?

Lea Michele at The People's Choice Awards 2013
Lea Michele in Elie Saab
It seems Lea Michele is your average outgoing girl who feels young and energetic. This pink ensemble from Elie Saab didn’t portray that girl many of us are in love with. With all respect, pink was not your color. Try better next time please, and again, we do love you.

Paris Hilton at The People's Choice Awards 2013
Paris Hilton in Mary Kantrantzou Fall/Winter 2012
 Paris Hilton somehow emulates your typical well dressed Barbie doll. Parisian chic we could say as well. We don’t know what happened here, but we thought there was too much color going on everywhere. The dress seemed very heavy on her thin body, which we actually appreciate. A short luxurious silk/chiffon dress would of put her on the best dressed list for sure.

Olivia Munn at The People's Choice Awards 2013
Olivia Munn in Carolina Herrera Resort 2013
 Why would you hide your curves when you know you have something to show off? Olivia Munn’s piece felt more constrained than Katy Perry’s choice. We don’t know what happened to her, but we’ll just leave it to our thoughts.

Erin Hayes at The Peoples Choice Awards 2013
Erin Hayes in a black fringed dress
What was this Erin? 

Monica Potter at The Peoples Choice Awards 2013
Monica Potter in a pale pink dress
Pale and grotesque are the only words we could use to describe this.

Kristen Kreuk at The Peoples Choice Awards 2013
Kristen Kreuk in Jean Fares
Kristen Kreuk should have known this was a risky outfit to wear. There was too much texture and color bolting everywhere, or maybe they were desperate to run away from her.

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