Thursday, January 31, 2013

Where's Your Gold Capri's Girl?

Fashion Collage - Printed Pants

As you know, Fashion week is almost here! As everyone is getting their invitations ready, having your best outfit shot by photographers is a must. Getting a picture taken has to be inspirational and eye catching. There are two things you should have in mind when packing up: prints and vibrant colors should become your best friend when it comes to fashion.

When choosing what to pair with prints, make it enjoyable! Remind yourself you’re a young child when it comes to dressing up. Don’t stress out too much over an outfit, because people will notice you’re trying too hard to impress. The more you have fun with what you decide to combine, the more intriguing it’ll be. Strive for the “Eye Candy of the Day,” as Wendy Williams would state .SMEKDB2DNSZ7

You could take for example the gold printed pants from J.Crew. The nude shoes with neon straps became the color scheme of our outfit. Why? Simply, the pants had enough statement to speak about – it was a matter of playing around with another scheme. Color doesn’t have to be your only alternative. Opting for different fabrics and textures gives uplift to your style.

Remember: Set your mind as a young child who’s experimenting with what she’ll wear, and work it!

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs silk top available at
2. J.Crew gold jaquard printed pants available at
3. Neoon strap pumps available at
4. Marni gold bracelet available at
5. Miu Miu leather clutch available at
6. Cutler & Gross sunglasses availabe at
7. ghd metallic styler available at
8. Chanel frisson nail color available at

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