Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fashion is Everywhere - Check you Neighborhood

Stay tune for those of you following me! Once again fashion week is just around the corner, or should I say next week (February 7). I am so excited to see what New York is going to offer this season. By the way, they are presenting their Fall/Winter 2013-2014 collections. Also, as designers are showing their collection, several of them will start displaying their recent Spring/Summer 2013 collection for regular buyers to purchase them; you know, since were not celebrities, who have already worn them since seasons ago. This will be my first time writing full-time reviews and editing pictures to format collages, since I don't want to make my posts three pages long full of pictures, or cause the blog to crash. On the side note, I am still learning how to manage different photo editing tools. I am not that great handling those tools yet.  SMEKDB2DNSZ7

Don't forget to follow, because I will constantly be updating new reviews for the whole month of fashion week. I will try my hardest to be on task, making sure reviews are fresh from the oven, as they would say. 


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